It’s not the beach but, how often does one have the opportunity to do a little sipping and grazing while keeping an eye on fit ponies and riders chasing a ball?

A BIG HOOT is… People-watching!
Many bring dogs decked with “doggles” & brims. Others have elaborately decorated tailgating parties and then those in the family way… park sleeping babies in strollers for an afternoon of lounging and schmoozing with neighbors and friends.

What to bring:

There is no shade, so depending on the day you will want sun screen. Many tailgaters have pop up tent covers or beach umbrellas.

Food and beverages are sold at the field but a picnic lunch makes it even more fun. Alcohol is allowed since Champagne is a big part of Polo. (Whole Foods is a great source for picnic fare).

A folding chair is a must unless you prefer the bleachers or standing.

How to get there:

Sarasota Polo Club is located at 8201 Polo Club Lane near Sarasota in Lakewood Ranch.

Schedule & Prices

Grab your spot early as the Polo Match begins at 1:00 p.m.